Friday, May 11, 2012

Gas, Electric, Woodburning or Vent-free Fireplace? Which Is Best?

A fireplace, to some, is simply known as an appliance that allows flammables to safely burn inside the house. In colder places like Europe and some parts of the US, tradition makes the fireplace or hearth an essential feature to keep a house warm and cozy. It is especially needed during longer periods of winter.
To know which kind of fireplace best suits your taste and budget, here is a rundown of the various types of fireplace.

1. Electric fireplace
This fireplace is good for those with a tight budget. No chimney is required for this type of hearth and it can be installed just about anywhere. More temperate countries can take advantage of this electric hearth since the heat can be easily regulated. The more modern designs of this type of fireplace are made of brick, rustic stone, wood and marble. Though, oftentimes, it is aesthetics that is given major consideration on opting for an electric fireplace, some say that it’s the fumeless heater that they are raving about. Duraflame, Lasko, Dimplex, and Lifesmart are brands of electric fireplaces.

2. Direct Vent Fireplace
Indoors and outdoors, a direct vent fireplace can be easily installed. Yes, this hearth is that versatile. New homeowners can benefit a lot from this type of fireplace because of this attribute and its availability in various designs and shapes. This hearth does not affect the quality of the indoor air and thus considered as a very efficient choice of fireplace. It doesn’t require a chimney. A hole in the wall will do it for a direct vent fireplace. Tightly-sealed homes don’t have to worry about the problem of having to put up with negative air pressure with this hearth’s state of the art mechanisms. Dimplex, Monessen, ComfortSmart, Empire make quality direct vent fireplaces.

3. Gas Fireplace
This is one user-friendly and energy-efficient sort of fireplace. Not having to gather logs and not having to clean ashes are the great conveniences this kind of hearth offers. With the help of a gas burner and a simulated log, the perfect “by-the-fireplace” mood is achieved without having to undergo so much fuss. Propane or natural gas is the fuel used on gas fireplaces.

4. Vent-Free Fireplace
Also known as ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor), this kind of fireplace deals with the dilemma damper that has to stay open as with a direct vent fireplace. To live its moniker, the gas is plainly linked to the hearth to make the flame burn without a vent. This type of fireplace has gas that burns more cleanly and cost-effectively than those with gas and electricity.

5. Wood Burning Fireplace
This type is the most famous and most favorite amongst all the fireplaces. The cozy smell of burning wood and the refreshing sound of fire are this kind’s features that are considered very agreeable for many fireplace aficionados. Choice of woods must not be overlooked in maximizing this fireplace. It is advised that the chimney and the fireplace are cleaned regularly to ensure safety.

Aside from the built of those abovementioned fireplaces, the material with which they are made of must also be given major attention. This is not only to guarantee the visual appeal that your choice of fireplace will add to your home but also its durability and efficiency.

With the perfect kind of fireplace, countless possibilities can happen.

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