Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wall Mounted Fireplaces Create a Cozy Decor

Brr, it's cold outside! People in the Northern regions of the US are certainly gearing up for a tough, cold winter just like they have for the past several years. Wall mounted fireplaces are one way to create that cozy, warm atmosphere as well as add sophisticated decor to any room.

It doesn't just get cold up north which is why the folks in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Southern California, and other "southern" states also have fireplaces and like to have a cozy fire for those cold winter nights.  A wall mounted fireplace is the ideal , clean and quick solution to getting that cozy feeling when it's chilly outside.

Smokeless wall mounted fireplaces do not need a vent or wood to heat your space and add the special cozy effect. Electric and gel fuel are the two modern types of fireplaces you can mount on your wall. Both types are clean burning and Eco-friendly solutions for your home.


The electric type is easy to setup and use and needs no maintenance other than keeping it clean like you do the other furnishings and decor in the room. The only drawback is that it can show an increase in your energy bill but that is something you can easily monitor.
Dimplex RWF-DG Sahara Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

Gel Fuel

Gel fuel has the capability of lasting for around 3 full hours. You will spend about $60 plus for a case of 24 which gives you about 72 hours of cozy time per case. This may seem like a high price, but since you likely have some other heating source for your home this is likely a decorative element for the home that you will only use for those special romantic nights.
SEI Black Arch Top Wall Mount Gel Fuel Fireplace Model FA5807
Virtual and Digital

Another type of wall mounted fireplace that is popular is the virtual, digital fireplace. These use no fuel and are just as they sound: virtual. These are primarily used to create a cozy atmosphere and/or decorative element in the home.

Virtual/digital fireplaces are available in the form of a digital fireplace DVD you put in your DVD player. You can turn these into wall mounted fireplaces with a monitor and a DVD player mounted on the wall. I would have to save that a virtual roaring fire is the most clean, efficient and "green".
Most homeowners have some form of conventional heating solution which means that modern wall mounted fireplaces are mostly a home decor component. It allows the homeowner to create the inviting, cozy, romantic, warm atmosphere without the clean up of a traditional fireplace or the other hassles that go with having a wood fireplace.

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